Risk Assessment

A Comprehensive Risk Assessment examines all areas of the IT environment including infrastructure, security, telecommunications, Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity policies and procedures – areas relevant to every enterprise, including yours. Digital Armor has designed our assessment checklist and cybersecurity solutions based on the bestpractices approach articulated by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, a government-recommended framework developed with many perspectives – academia, private and public sectors. We recommend this five-step security model to all our clients and prospects: IDENTIFY, PROTECT, DETECT, RESPOND, RECOVER.

Digital Armor’s Risk Assessment reveals—perhaps for the first time—vulnerabilities and gaps that need to be mitigated across your enterprise to secure your network and your data. Digital Armor’s risk assessment helps you identify your cyber posture AND provides an action plan to prioritize and maximize IT efficiencies, optimize security, and meet cybersecurity compliance requirements.


Describes desired outcomes


Understandable by everyone


Applies to any type of risk management


Defines the entire breadth of cybersecurity


Spans both prevention and reaction

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