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Is your business at risk of a cyberattack?

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Then your business needs DIGITAL ARMOR to shield your digital assets from attacks by Ransomware, Hackers, Cybercriminals, and even natural disasters.

• What is my Cyber Posture? – What is my Global Inventory?

• Where is my data and what type of data is on my system?

• What is my Cyber Strategy?  Does my business meet all compliance standards?

• How can I proactively remediate risks?

• How much should be allocated for my security budget?

Businesses in all industries are at risk of cyber attack, and many need to meet strict standards of compliance and implement best practices.

The challenge for most companies is that they aren’t fully covered in either security or compliance, and may be unaware of the many vulnerabilities that need to be protected. DIGITAL ARMOR starts with a baseline risk assessment to achieve 360 security.

C-Suites must be conversant in cyber! Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and Chief Financial Officers cannot simply relegate cyber compliance and strategy to the IT department or a managed services provider. Cyber is more than a technical problem. Cybersecurity can affect business continuity of operations, therefore, we must assign cyber success metrics like we assess Cost Sales Revenue, Net Profit Margin, Gross Margin, Sales Growth Year-to-date, Cost of Customer Acquisition, Customer loyalty, and Retention and Employee Performance.


From the Boardroom to the Server Room

Introducing Virtual CIO™ as a Service (vCIO). You realize your company needs a Chief Information Officer but either it’s not in the budget and/or the situation needs immediate, objective expertise. vCIO helps the C-Suite embed proactive cyber security actions into their daily routine so costs associated with waging their cyber defenses are positively viewed as enablers to successfully complete their corporate mission. The Cyber threat needs to be a discussion at every board meeting. vCIO ensures cybersecurity strategy and compliance are aligned with the company’s strategic goals and objectives while working with MSPs and/or IT staff to implement SMART solutions.

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Digital Armor helps you build you a security framework that protects your digital assets & meets all compliance standards.

Our Compliance as a Service (CaaS) equips you with best practices, a comprehensive compliance assessment, a customized solution, and a sustainable compliance strategy.

Best Practices and Common Compliance Frameworks



Identify and Analyze Vulnerabilities


Resolve Exposure – Close the Gaps


Reduce Risk / Stay Compliant

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